DMS and PLM combined into one – plant engineers turn to DMStec

DMS and PLM combined into one – plant engineers turn to DMStec

DMStec is a type of document management system that more and more companies in the manufacturing industry are starting to embrace to reap its many benefits.

Karlsruhe, July 19, 2017. DMStec is capable of mirroring the complex technical structures that are typical to mechanical and plant engineering and combines the capabilities of a document management system with the extensive functionality of a PDM/PLM solution. 2G Energy AG , a manufacturer of combined heat and power plants, has implemented the PRO.FILE DMStec system to manage any documents created alongside the design process and touching on the same subject within a unified Product Data Backbone.

When the company first started to look into product and document management, they only had a spare parts catalog on their list. It quickly turned out that this would simply be impossible to implement without product structures on the basis of CAD models. After all, spare parts must correspond to the actual BOM and the complete product structure. Today, it is no longer enough to have your maintenance technicians install spare parts on site, get the customer’s signature on the service document, and then head on ‘home’. Providing good service means being able to control and document the entire process with all of its documents from start to finish.

But when they realized just how powerful the PRO.FILE PDM/PLM solution they had chosen really is, they quickly started to explore other far-reaching applications for the entire company. These also include the business department and the management of incoming invoices along with controls for automated invoice processing.

2G Energy is now able to structure every piece of product information and any related business document in keeping with the product’s structure and to control their documents in a way that reflects their typical workflows. DMStec provides a common data backbone to accommodate both traditional document management and product lifecycle management. The company is one of the largest employers and workplace training companies in its region.

A DMStec solution manages plant structures in a way that is detached of the document itself.

Product data and lifecycle documents are then stored in the context of these structures.