Integrating PRO.FILE with SolidWorks to turbo-charge weldment design

The product and document lifecycle management (PLM/DMS) now also supports SolidWorks 2017 and brings innovative features to enhance the integration.

PRO.FILE with its new integration with SolidWorks already keeps processes flowing at 2G Energy AG, a manufacturer of combined heat and power plants. The CAD system functionality is meant to streamline the design of frames and bases in mechanical and plant engineering. In SolidWorks, bills of materials for these types of assemblies contain sawn parts with the same item number along with the saw length for the manufacturing department to work with. These sawn parts are not actual parts but rather virtual components. The integration between PRO.FILE and SolidWorks is now able to derive a saw list from the SolidWorks BOM that is then available in PRO.FILE.

This means that there is no need to create a new item number, but rather only the corresponding assembly – which to the designers is a significant added value and time saver in addition to being a milestone for all users who want to use this module in SolidWorks. This puts 2G Energy in a position where they can plan ahead much more accurately and pre-produce weldments. It helps the company reduce the number of times its welders have to work on the construction site and allows it to now create pre-assembled units instead. These are then installed on site and put into operation without wasting any time or resources.

PRO.FILE integration with SolidWorks and cut list