Germany-based BRITA GmbH was founded in 1966 and is internationally renowned for its expertise in water purification. BRITA is a world leader in table water filters and also specializes in efficient filtering solutions for professional applications.

BRITA relies on PRO.FILE for its product documentation, process control, and document management needs. Its main focus is to secure the management of its technical documents, to integrate its 3D data, to structure project-relevant data, to manage its data storage from a single point of control, and to give users across all department access to development data.

PRO.FILE is also used to provide the PDM integration with SolidWorks and the workflows to support the company’s centralized product approval processes for the food and beverage industry.

Customer quote

“Product lifecycle management – it’s all about gradually capturing and electronically managing our processes and the data created throughout them across the entire product lifecycle. This approach has really helped us a great deal.” Martin Rydzy, Application Manager at BRITA GmbH