Scheuch GmbH is a market leader in air and environmental technology. Headquartered in Austria, the plant manufacturer offers a full range of products for efficient extraction, dedusting and pneumatic transport, as well as economical exhaust gas and flue gas cleaning systems.

Scheuch uses PRO.FILE as its central DMS solution. Its integration with the company’s existing CAD-related PDM system allows Scheuch to efficiently manage its CAD drawings, BOMs, and item and part master data. What’s more, PRO.FILE also integrates all non-technical documents from neighboring systems such as the ERP system, Microsoft Office, and Outlook.

This introduced a seamless PLM approach in which PRO.FILE serves as the central hub for business-critical data from a wide variety of IT systems, making it available to authorized users, and archiving it to provide viable audit trails.

Customer quote

“It’s not just document management, workflows play an important role too. For instance, we also use the PRO.FILE workflow to release invoices.” Alois Hörl, Head of IT, Scheuch GmbH