Secure file exchange – the alternative to FTP, Dropbox and the like for technical companies

Technical companies are in need of an alternative and industry solution to replace FTP and Dropbox for the transfer of large, confidential files.

Email and FTP are still very common ways of transferring busines-critical and technical files. Either approach, however, comes with a number of apparent disadvantages: email is not secure, uncontrolled, and poorly suited for large files. The files are merely parked in the inbox and whether or not they are further processed depends on the presence of the employee. FTP transfer means that files are exchanged between two FTP servers. Installing these types of servers, however, is rather time-consuming, not to mention that they only allow for the upload and download of the files.

The requirements of technical companies

Technical environments are marked mainly by the exchange of large and sensitive technical files that require frequent changes. This means that the platform should allow for managed file transfer using virtual project rooms, accommodate any size files, and offer capabilities to version and log any activities related to the data.

This is the only way to reliably bridge the gap between a company’s system landscape and that of their partners. A document exchange platform for technical companies that wants to be regarded as an alternative to email and FTP needs to be tailored towards collaboration and give project teams complete control over and visibility into their collaboration activities.

Partners collaborate through a central project room

PROOM was designed from the ground up as an industry solution to tackle these very requirements, making it the perfect alternative to FTP, Dropbox or other generic platforms. PROCAD’s exchange platform centrally handles the communication and the exchange of files through a central project room in the public or private cloud. Documents are no longer stored as local files on each partner’s computer, but can rather be seamlessly retrieved from a central location across company and system lines.

The alternative to FTP, Dropbox and the like. PROOM  for technical companies.