Systems Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management

The development of ever more complex mechatronics systems relies on the close collaboration of experts from all disciplines involved. When companies begin to design a new product or make fundamental changes to existing ones, they often can’t and don’t yet know exactly what functionality will be implemented with what technology. The important task at this point is to very accurately describe the functionality of a product. This allows everyone involved in development, manufacturing, and marketing to figure out what to do. This is the primary responsibility of systems engineering.

Systems engineering is the first stage of product lifecycle management. It also accompanies every subsequent stage of the PLM process.

Raimund Schlotman, Managing Director of PROCAD, talks about the relationship between systems engineering and consistent application lifecycle management:

“There is no doubt that systems-oriented design that is detached from the way it is implemented by means of mechanics, electrics, or software will become immensely important in the future and is a key component of any Industry 4.0 strategy.”