Transparent Project Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

The way companies exchange the technical documents they collaborate on with external development and design partners is an important factor in the success of their projects. These types of collaboration often involve large technical documents that are subject to frequent changes, such as CAD models, drawings, and change orders. These need to be continuously exchanged among the various partners involved.

Conventional data transfer mechanisms like email and FTP come with a number of disadvantages: Email is not secure and poorly suited for large files. With FTP transfer, companies lose control over their file versions and have insufficient activity logging.

Cloud-based data exchange platforms are an alternative that ensures controlled collaboration.

  • The communication and transfer of documents happens in real time.
  • The documents are exchanged from a single point of contact, eliminating redundancies.
  • Everyone can access the latest version at any time.
  • Access controls are in place to ensure the security of the information and monitoring are included to log who changed what in what file and when.