The digital future of your product data

Digitalization, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 are changing the face of manufacturing and industrial products. Product and document lifecycle management (PDM/PLM system) is the key to digitalization in mid-market mechanical and plant engineering companies by providing the foundation for digital processes with the product data it delivers.

Our short film about digitalization

Today’s workplace is modern and connected. We’re mobile and always online. But are we fully digitalized yet?

Your teams are collaborating on products and projects, but is your data too?

Take the next step with PROCAD and talk to us about the digital future of your product data!

Digitalized collaboration using a PDM/PLM system

Digitalization is adding increasing complexity to managing the different disciplines involved in the development of technical products, be it mechanics, electrical engineering or software. These fields need to be looked at as a whole across the entire product lifecycle. Here, it is crucial to have a single pane of glass to control all dependencies, e.g. in the case of changes, making everyone aware of any direct and functional relationships.

PRO.FILE (PDM/PLM software) is a cornerstone of your digitalization strategy.

Is it enough to scan a document to digitalize it?

We are used to compiling information in documents and images to get a grip on it and provide grounds for discussion.

End-to-end digitalization means that this information is available digitally and can be immediately leveraged by PDM/PLM systems. Information must be able to trigger actions and downstream processes in the sense of digital impact management. Only then does information become operable, meaning that it can be used in its digital form without human interaction.

Digitalization in mid-sector technical companies

Offering an exclusively look at the issue of “why PDM/PLM systems pave the way for digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering”, Raimund Schlotmann, Managing Director of PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG answers the questions of the trade experts at konstruktionspraxis.

Implement your digitalization strategy with PRO.FILE next

PROCAD is a valuable partner for your digitalization strategy, particularly in industries such as mechanical and plant engineering. With PRO.FILE next, we have created a redesigned product generation to serve as a platform for the digitalization of product and document lifecycle management (PDM/PLM system) in the mid-market sector.

PRO.FILE next puts your product data into a digital context, while enabling you to implement the PRO.CEED Application Packages.

Comprehensive integration capabilities with powerful interfaces and APIs

Given that seamless processes can only be achieved through integration with other systems, PROCAD includes a host of interfaces and APIs that allow companies to leverage the platform’s intelligence from the outside. This includes capabilities to access data and functionality from a wide variety of devices and apps.