28 Nov

PROCAD appoints Johann Dornbach as new Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

SAP's former Head of Development for Product Lifecyle Management and Digital Configuration Lifecyle joins the management teams of German PLM software maker PROCAD. Karlsruhe, November 28, 2019. On November 1, 2019, Johann Dornbach became the newest member of PROCAD's executive board. At his previous employer SAP, Johan Dornbach served as…

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05 Nov

A new PLM approach with SAP S/4HANA

PLM maker PROCAD enhances existing integration of its PRO.FILE PLM software with SAP, bringing it up to speed with the new HANA-based generation of products. Karlsruhe, November 5, 2019. SAP user companies with extensive engineering operations place particular demands on their product lifecycle management and PLM system. They need a…

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28 Oct

PROCAD Truck Tour on PLM digitalization a resounding success

For two and a half years, a truck filled with PLM knowledge took "digitalization to the streets" – with stops at more than 100 locations across Germany and its neighboring countries. Karlsruhe, October 28, 2019. Mission accomplished: When, after driving more than 33,000 miles on the roads of Germany and…

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23 Oct

Confidential document sharing at BRITA

German BRITA GmbH, a leading international expert in the field of water optimization, relies on technology made by the platform pioneers at PROCAD. Karlsruhe, October 23, 2019. BRITA GmbH has recently switched to the PROOM exchange platform to power the exchange of technical product documents with suppliers and design offices.…

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15 Oct

PLM system as the central information tool

The engineering experts at esmo AG rely on the PRO.FILE by PROCAD for their PLM needs and power their change management with PRO.CEED. Karlsruhe, October 15, 2019. Secure product data storage with various approval processes and automated revisions – esmo AG's incumbent proprietary PDM system simply was not up to…

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12 Aug

PLM software as the foundational technology for digitalization

Karlsruhe, August 12, 2019. Digitalization managers from some 250 companies met on June 6 and 7, 2019 in Wurzburg, Germany at "The Future Code", an event hosted by Vogel Communications Group and the industry publication "Next Industry". The event focused on product lifecycle management (PLM) and its impact on digitalization.…

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08 Jul

PDM/PLM system in water management

PRO.FILE improves product and project management at Nijhuis Water Technology by creating a central repository for all project data. Karlsruhe, July 8, 2019. Given the increasing global shortage of water, water management companies won't be running out of work anytime soon. If, like the Dutch company Nijhuis Water Technology, they…

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13 Jun

Technical document management in high demand for project work

A study published by German trade journal QZ (Qualität und Zufriedenheit/quality and satisfaction) validates PROCAD's DMStec approach of delivering a document man-agement system that best models the complex structures found in product-centric companies. Karlsruhe, June 13, 2019: In product-centric industries, the issue of document man-agement poses a challenge that must…

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25 Mar

Technical document management with PRO.FILE at MEDTRON AG

MEDTRON is an international medical engineering firm and now relies on PRO.FILE to control the development and approval processes in its quality management. Karlsruhe, March 25, 2019. MEDTRON AG, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of contrast medium injectors, has replaced its drive-based document management system with the PRO.FILE document management…

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18 Mar

PROCAD Proudly Presents: The New Digital Late Night Show

A different take on the traditional one-on-one talk show: PROCAD experts engage in Q and A with host Bernd Gnann to share their PDM, PLM and DMS expertise in a modern format. Karlsruhe, March 18, 2019. The abundance of readily available information online makes it increasingly difficult to find content…

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07 Mar

Confidential file exchange in medical engineering

Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH improves project team collaboration with the PROOM platform for document exchange and external collaboration. Karlsruhe, March 7, 2019: German medical engineering firm Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH decided to implement the PROOM platform for document exchange and external collaboration. MMM is a full-range supplier of custom solutions…

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25 Jan

Proman GmbH implements collaborative PLM with PROOM

PROCAD's platform for the exchange of documents supports project management and the construction of petrochemical plants Karlsruhe, Januar 25, 20019. Proman is a world leading engineering, procurement and construction group operating in the gas processing, petrochemical, steel, infrastructure, and automotive sectors. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company's engineering, procurement, and…

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20 Dec

No digital transformation without PDM/PLM software

PROCAD managing director Raimund Schlotman explores ways to step on the path to SMB digitalization at the MM Innovation Day 2018 Karlsruhe, December 20, 2018. A multitude of product data, or information, is generated along the way from development to service. Companies looking to digitalize their business have to put…

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28 Sep

PROOM document exchange platform tested by trusted

Comparison and review portal confirms PROOM's position as a specialized solution for technical companies. Major plus points include high level of security, file exchange in dedicated project rooms, and granular activity logging. Karlsruhe, September 28, 2018: trusted, a comparison and review portal for cloud-based business tools, assessed the PROOM document…

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06 Aug

PROCAD to fuel growth and international expansion of its digitalization platform for product and document lifecycle management with significant investment from LEA Partners

Karlsruhe, August 6, 2018: German private equity firm LEA Partners with its LEA Mittelstandspartner Fund has acquired PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG together with the management team via a succession arrangement. Volker Wawer, founder and previously the sole shareholder of PROCAD, will continue to serve the company as a managing…

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12 Jul

Communicating right on the document with PROOM 3.2

The latest version of PROCAD's document exchange platform lets you communicate externally as easily and securely as you do internally. Karlsruhe, July 4, 2018. Important documents sent as email attachments are always copies of the original, rendering the communication unreliable. Important/confidential documents are copied over and over again and their…

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22 Jun

What race cars have to do with PLM software

PROCAD is a Gold Sponsor of the "High Speed Karlsruhe" Formula Student team – their new F112 was presented in late May. Karlsruhe, June 22, 2018: As a sponsor of the HP Racing Team in the ADAC TCR Germany Touring Car Championship, PROCAD knows a thing or two about race…

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