Product and Document Lifecycle Management

Combining PDM, PLM, and DMS into a powerful one-stop solution.

CAD data management, product data management (PDM), and document management (DMS) with PRO.FILE is the foundation that allows you to securely manage and control your product lifecycle data and documents throughout the enterprise. The specific demands of technical companies require a new category of DMS solutions: DMStec. It allows them to organize their storage in a way that mirrors their product structures and to control their documents accordingly.

You can also choose to take it step by step and start out with DMStec or PDM. Whatever you do, you will need a central Product Data Backbone.

PRO.CEED builds on this Product Data Backbone to deliver the tools needed to plan, automate, and manage PLM processes. What this means for you: You use software to automate the management of your task files based on pre-established rules, while documenting all activity.

And you get to control these processes both inside your own company and across company lines. This is where the intelligent capabilities of PROOM come in: Its virtual project rooms are a compelling alternative to FTP. PROOM makes exchanging data with your external partners, suppliers, and customers easy, secure, and fast – standalone or directly from within PRO.FILE.

Our products are designed to ensure secure updates and upgrades and give you the flexibility you need to easily configure them yourself. This means you always get the solution that suits your company best.

We get you

From medium-sized professionals to medium-sized innovators.

Targeted implementation

Quickly deliver the impact you are looking for with configuration rather than customization.

More than just product data

Technical documents need document control with DMStec.

Teamwork across boundaries

PROOM uses the cloud to support global collaboration.

Achieve Your Goals
You do the configuration. Our solutions grow with your requirements.


  • manages and integrates your product data and documents.
  • serves as Product Data Backbone, giving you central and secure storage.
  • supports all major ERP and CAD systems.

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  • delivers measurable improvements in the efficiency of your PLM processes.
  • allows you to accelerate, secure, and automate your processes.
  • delivers PLM dashboards to always keep you up to date.

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Controlled data exchange with PROOM

  • lets you exchange data with customers and partners all over the world.
  • for secure processes with complete audit trails.
  • you choose: you can run PROOM as SaaS or as a private cloud installation.

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Your Project: on Budget and on Time

Go live quickly and systematically with an iterative implementation approach.

Immediate and gradual effects

You don’t want a project of mammoth proportions. We will work closely with you and take an iterative approach to gradually implement your project. You can see the results right away and get to configure any changes yourself. We call it the EASY.CONFIG approach and it gets you where you need to be faster.

On-time project delivery

We keep your project on time and on budget. Using our experience from more than 1,000 projects, we have developed project breakdown structures that allow you to stay on top of your project. All of PROCAD’s project managers are certified by the German Association for Project Management.

Configuration rather than programming

You don’t want every single change to your solution to be an IT project of its own. Or worry about every software update. With us, standards and flexibility don’t have to be mutually exclusive, it’s the very nature of what we do. With us, you get to configure the solution to your requirements. Upgradeable CAD and ERP integrations are available to secure your investment.