PRO.CEED adds PLM to PRO.FILE to measurably improve the efficiency of your product lifecycle management by accelerating and automating all associated processes.

Best practice modules

Pre-configured or customized application packages for processes such as change management powered by PROCAD expertise from more than 1,000 projects.

Tangible benefits

The PRO.CEED application packages are geared towards maximum automation of your PLM processes. This is a real improvement for you.

A user experience tailored to fit

Application-specific menus, dashboards, and forms, for example for contract management purposes, will automatically guide your employees through the process.


Our best practice application packages based on standards such as CMII enable compliance and policy enforcement.

PRO.CEED brings IT-enabled project and process management to the PLM process level.

Do your PLM processes involve many different people?
Are there frequently recurring processes for your tasks?
Do you need to comply with rules and regulations?
Then you should start managing your PLM processes based on IT-enabled process flows.

This creates electronic task files as an effective way to automate and secure your document control processes. This will, in turn, structure your project and process management and connect it to your product data and document control. Change, complaint, or project documents can be reliably retrieved from project and process files. These are managed through built-in dashboards.

PRO.CEED at Work
The main features of PRO.CEED and sample application packages for your specific PLM processes.

Change management

Stay on top of the entire process, from change request to change notification. Each step is automatically documented and logged.

More control over engineering projects and documents

Control your projects and any related documents based on the integrated project and document structure.

PLM contract management

Contracts are a part of the PLM process. Tie the information they contain to your product lifecycle process.

More application packages

PRO.CEED provides the basis for your application packages. Ask us about our existing best practice packages or talks to us about custom solutions.

We Want Satisfied Customers
What will you have to say about PRO.CEED?

“Our idea was to give virtually every employee, from manager to service technician, instant access to all relevant information.”

FILL_Karin Hötzinger

“It’s about gradually capturing and controlling all of our processes and the data they create… This approach has really helped us a great deal.”

Brita_Martin Rydzy

Working With PRO.CEED
PRO.CEED lets you transform your PRO.FILE installation into an end-to-end PLM solution.

Engineering companies need to be able to properly organize the way they control, monitor, and document their projects. Growing levels of complexity, tight deadlines, and the obligation to comply with legislation and standards are increasingly taking the spotlight. Staying on top of all of this and making engineering projects a success are daunting challenges.

PRO.CEED support you by automating your document control. A common basis for the documents and data created in the different departments ensures full transparency and accelerates your workflows.

  • You plan your resources with Microsoft Project and use PRO.CEED to monitor, manage, and document the progress of your projects.
  • Your project members are always provided with the latest documents and data when they start their task.
  • PRO.CEED comes with built-in dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor the status of all projects at any time.

Taking unstructured processes and transforming them into IT-based and automatable workflows is a management decision. IT-based processes are more secure and much faster. They are particularly useful if a process involves many employees, has to comply with rules and regulations, or is frequently recurring.

PRO.CEED controls and documents the execution of projects and processes.

  • You use Microsoft Visio to define your processes as a sequence of parallel and sequential activities.
  • PRO.CEED is used to trigger and document these processes and to add the data and documents required for each activity. You receive the finished documents along with the deliverables once the process is complete.
  • Built-in dashboards keep you up to date on the status of each processes, giving you the opportunity to intervene if processes are delayed or come to a halt.

Keeping an eye on all of your critical processes and being able to analyze them is the key to successful and continuous improvement.

With its flexible dashboards and reports, PRO.CEED gives you the tools you need to achieve this. You can track the progress of your processes at any time and identify processes that are not running smoothly.

  • PRO.CEED gives you access to all documents and data associated with a process. Wherever you are and whatever time it is, you can always answer any questions about the status of your projects and PLM processes.
  • Reports and dashboards make it easy for you to pinpoint weaknesses in your project and process management, allowing you to actively improve your processes.
  • PRO.CEED also lets you streamline and define rules for your workflows.

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PRO.CEED Brochure
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