PRO.FILE is a PDM/PLM/DMS solution that enables you to manage, control, and integrate your product data and documents from beginning to end of the product lifecycle. It gives you end-to-end visibility into your organization’s processes. PRO.FILE integrates all major CAD and ERP systems in a single PDM/PLM system. Using PRO.FILE as your Product Data Backbone will allow you to build a sustainable and future-proof foundation for the implementation of PLM processes.

An integrated PDM/PLM solution

Your one-stop PDM and DMStec system, a new category of DMS solutions tailored to technical companies.

Multi-CAD and multi-ERP

Supports all major MCAD and ECAD systems. A PDM/PLM system that comes with reliable ERP integrations for seamless processes.

Implementation through configuration

Rapid implementation. You’re in the driver’s seat and get to configure the solution in the PDM/PLM system yourself.

Open interfaces

The PDM/PLM system supports all major ERP systems. PRO.FILE uses the REST API for your mobile devices.

What Our Customers Have to Say
See for yourself and benefit from the advantages of a PLM solutions.

“The system architecture of the PDM/PLM solution PROFILE gives us the advantage of only needing one interface with the ERP system despite having three CAD systems.”

Bahmüller_ Jan Roling

“Unlike with other solutions, we have all CAD-related development data under one roof, in one and the same location, all thanks to the PDM/PLM software.”

Grohe_Thomas Biekehör

Our Goals Is to Enable Your Success With a PDM/PLM/DMS System
Today, more than 600 customers have chosen PROCAD for their product and document lifecycle management (PDM/PLM software) needs.

Working With the PRO.FILE PDM/PLM Software
PRO.FILE makes your work easier and creates new opportunities.

Modern product development cycles are becoming ever shorter. Being able to securely store your product data and to swiftly and accurately retrieve your documents will help you keep pace.

PRO.FILE is a document management system (PDM/PLM/DMS system) that provides a Product Data Backbone for all data and documents that belong to a particular product. Your product knowledge is securely held in the digital archives of the PDM/PLM system. The deliverables of your mechanics, electronic engineering, electronics and software teams are managed in one integrated system that applies the same rules to all of them. The variant creation process is mostly automated and so is the provision of documents to your manufacturing and service teams. External partners are seamlessly integrated into your development process – without allowing external companies access to your PRO.FILE installation. As a PDM/PLM system, PRO.FILE supports all major CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge, or Solidworks.

  • You use a single PDM/PLM system to manage all of your CAD data and product-related documents.
  • You can rest assured that all of your variants have been well documented.
  • You can access your change history at the click of a button.
  • Your BOMs are automatically transferred from the PDM/PLM system to the ERP system.
  • You can securely exchange entire assemblies with external companies.

Production planning is the brain that controls your manufacturing processes. But in order for it to work, it needs to be able to access any and all manufacturing information on your products. Having to search for this data is time-consuming and prevents your teams from doing their jobs.

With PRO.FILE, we have developed a PLM software solution that automatically provides production planners and purchasers with the most current version of product development data, for example bills of materials, along with any related drawings in PDF or TIF format.

  • You are automatically provided with item master data, bills of materials, and CAD documents once they are approved by the development department.
  • You can use the PRO.FILE PDM/PLM solution to compare variants and BOMs of different versions.
  • Our data exchange platform PROOM provides a secure way to seamlessly exchange your technical documents with suppliers, partners, or customers.
  • The PRO.FILE PDM/PLM system also helps you enforce guidelines for purchased parts.

Errors found in drawings, NC programs, routings and other documents once production is underway can cause major headaches.

By managing your documents with PRO.FILE (PDM/PLM/DMS software), you can systematically prevent this from happening. You can rest assured that all documents are available on the production floor on time, in full, and in their most current version.

  • Your employees can access the most current drawings, NC programs, and other documents simply by clicking a button on their terminals.
  • You can match batch-related machine logs to products.
  • You can ensure compliance with rules and regulations with complete audit trails of the manufacturing process.

Good customer service has become a part of the product. With Industry 4.0 on the horizon, preventive maintenance and repair are gaining increasing importance and can help differentiate you from the competition.

Our PDM/PLM software solution PRO.FILE streamlines service delivery by providing complete control over your service processes.

  • Your service technicians can access all documents in the lifecycle file of a particular machine while on location.
  • Damage reports or pictures of the damage are send to headquarters directly from within the PROOM Mobile App (document exchange platform). At headquarters, the information is matched to the machine in question and forwarded to the company’s quality managers, controllers, or developers.
  • Your service engineers can use electronic forms to capture their assignment data and automatically manage them.

Our PDM/PLM system PRO.FILE also comes equipped with a DMStec system. This allows you to manage all documents that are relevant to your IT processes along with your document-intensive processes.

PRO.FILE works according to the “configuration over programming” principle. System implementation is fast and cost-effective. And you can continue to configure the document management system to match your requirements, for example by modifying user interfaces, classification systems, reports, or workflows.

  • You start out with PRO.FILE’s out-of-the-box standards and then adapt them to suit your specific needs.
  • You can rely on our English-speaking PRO.FILE customer service representatives to provide a single point of contact for any support needed. If need be, they will take your questions all the way to the development department.
  • You get to map your processes to PRO.FILE.
  • You can conveniently exchange sensitive data – without allowing external companies access to your PRO.FILE installation.
  • You benefit from PRO.FILE as an integrated system for all of your product data and document management needs (CAD, PDM/PLM, ERP, and DMS in a single system).

Learn More About the PDM/PLM System
Let us tell you a little more about PRO.FILE.

PRO.FILE Brochure
Find out how you can manage, control, and integrate your product data and documents with the PRO.FILE PDM/PLM system.

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Combine the PDM/PLM Solution With Our Other Solutions
Integrate the PDM/PLM system and the DMS system into a powerful one-stop solution.

PLM processes with PRO.CEED

  • delivers measurable improvements in the efficiency of your PLM processes.
  • allows you to accelerate, secure, and automate your processes.
  • delivers PLM dashboards to always keep you up to date.

Controlled data exchange with PROOM

  • using project rooms – even from within PRO.FILE.
  • for secure processes with complete audit trails.
  • you choose: SaaS or private cloud.

Testimonials for the PDM/PLM Software PRO.FILE
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